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Reusable Handheld Crumb Sweeper, Soft Bristles Debris Collector for Table, Mat, Bed Sheets, Sofas, Clothes Cleaning Brush

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Reusable Handheld Crumb Sweeper, Nutshell Soft Bristles Debris Collector for Table Mat Bed Sheets, Sofas Clothes Cleaning Brush,Carpet Table Brush, Dirt Cleaner Tool,Home Cleaning Brushes

1. Built-in garbage storage space: the brush and dustpan are integrally formed, and the cleaning brush has a built-in garbage collection space, which can be transferred to the built-in space when cleaning back and forth and can be directly disassembled to dump the garbage into the trash can.
2. Easy to clean: This reusable garbage cleaning brush can be used every day, you can directly clean the surface of the brush with water, or you can remove it to clean the internal space.
3. Sturdy and durable: The internal brush can be rolled, which can clean the crumbs very effectively. Strong cleaning ability, large area cleaning, easy and efficient.
4. Multi-purpose: The brush can clean up small particles such as dirt and debris on sofa furniture, work surfaces, beds, and desks.
​5. Portable: The soft-bristled cleaning brush comes with a durable box, just like a glasses box. It is convenient to put the brush in the bag when traveling.

Material: ABS
Size: 19.8*8.3*4.5cm
Color: White

Package Included: 1pc * handheld crumb sweeper


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